Refugee Connect, Brisbane

Refugee Connect is Christian based agency supporting refugees and people seeking asylum by assisting them to integrate into Australian communities.

Our values are Equality, Inclusion, Education and Compassion.

Refugee Connect has a strong focus on helping young people achieve their educational goals.

Refugee Connect's major ongoing program, Student Financial Assistance, is for $25,000 per year for a refugee student to attend university. Young people whom the Australian Government has deemed to be refugees and who have been issued with Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV's) are allowed to study BUT they must enrol as international students and pay full fees at the beginning of each semester. Many young refugees who have the ability to succeed at university want to study so they can give back into the Australian community. However they can't afford to pay the $25,000 per year up front to achieve their educational potential. The new stretch in our faith at Refugee Connect is to help people with this visa to have access to the basic human right of an education. As the major project of Refugee Connect and the size of this project we acknowledge that it requires more than one donor. We currently have a number of donors contributing towards this project. We seek support from Ride for Refugees to assist us with this Student Financial Assistance program.

Ken from Refugee Connect writes:

"Last year I spoke about Mary (not her name) and her mum. Mary decided to follow Jesus in 2015. She finished grade 12 in 2016 and was looking for work ever since, unfortunately without success.

Please pray for Mary and her mum as their case has been rejected by the Immigration Department. As I read their submission it appears obvious to me that they are refugees. However, the Department have finally determined that they are not. All their support, including financial, has been stopped and they are now appealing to the Federal Circuit Court. Both Mary and her mum are depressed and her mum has attempted suicide.

Refugee Connect made a financial commitment to Mary and her mum that will enable them to have some income for their survival."

Money raised from this year’s RIDE will help Mary and others like her through our Student Financial Assistance Program.

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Donations of $2 and over to the Refugee Connect are Tax Deductible.